Nil Sahin

I am a data scientist pursuing a PhD in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. I am co-supervised by Prof. Brenda Andrews and Prof. Quaid Morris. I am also affiliated with Donnelly Centre and Vector Institute.

My PhD thesis focuses on developing and implementing computer vision and machine learning approaches to analyze microscopy images to elucidate gene function. My analyses identified genetic mutations that have effects on specific compartments in the cell that provided novel functional information.

I am passionate about conducting research, implementing algorithms, building tools, learning new techniques, working in and managing teams. I am interested in applying my data science knowledge to healthcare, with the aim to improve the quality of our lives and combat human diseases in the future.

In my free times, I love to meditate, do yoga, walk, rock climb, ski, scuba dive, and make electronic music. Check out my music on SoundCloud 🎶.